Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday headlines (loosely grouped)

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Tuesday roundup

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday highlights: Two yays and two sighs

  • Grumpy local bits

    • Developers' ties to a councilman test finance law: Nearly 25% of Jack Kelly's primary campaign funding was from entities tied to two brothers. This may be legal, but it's certainly not within the intent or spirit of the law, which gives Kelly some bad press just as his challenger, David Oh, is nipping at his heels.

    • Report: Philadelphia Parking Authority bloated with patronage. This Sunday story serves as the culmination of a series running all week that indicates that the PPA has been raking in the money, but giving little or none to the city/schools, instead growing its own beauracracy at a stiff pace. Another successful state take-over!

  • Happy bits

    • This is promising news: two of Donna Reed Miller's opponents have come up with an objective way to determine which of them should withdraw (so that they don't repeat the spring primary result of dividing the field to give Miller a victory with only a third of votes cast): they've signed an agreement that whichever of them gets 2/3 of the major local newspaper endorsements will get to stay in the race. It will still be an uphill battle for an "independent Democrat" to beat a party nominee, but at least this would put it into the realm of the imaginable.

    • It's been a while since I highlighted some great local photos, but Phillyskyline has a wonderful tour through West Philadelphia ("streetcar suburb"), which highlights the large, porch-ringed old houses that make that part of the city unique. (It appears to be from spring, so dotted with forsythia and the like.) A nice visual snack.

Last week V: Casinos and fear

Last week IV: Cops, judges, and schools

Last week III: Politicians and election thoughts

There will be more endorsements, but they disappear, so thought I'd link now. They'll probably summarize just before election day (a week from tomorrow!).

Last week II: Tuesday soccer and surveillance

Things that went on last week I: 10,000 men

Lots of stories, as apparently a big rally last weekend launched the 10,000 Men anti-crime initiative, followed by some neighborhood orientation sessions...That so many answered the call is a testimony to the combination of frustration and hope that haunt the issue of neighborhood violence. I wish this effort well.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Interruptus continuus

That is, continued presence of contractors, with associated needs to live as though camping, get up early every day, sometimes do late-night prep work, and take day time slices to oversee the chaos, is keeping me from worrying about such things as the gentle waves of local news. I'm making heaps of bookmarks, but will probably have to post only the highlights, and later, when I'm able to see/think straight again . . . (meh)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Addendum: Apparently there's a mayoral race

Polite, low-profile, blah blah...

Brain-fried Friday headlines

Belated Thursday downpour

Record number of tabs for this day. Will see if some filter out by theme...

Belated Wednesday bits

Belated Tuesday highlights

As promised, getting back to my bookmarks. However, there are a ton of them, so will skip the duller ones...Am shaving off the mayoral race stuff for a separate post...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Service interruptus

I have contractors losing my cats down holes in the walls, family camped out in my living room, an inability to sleep at night, and generally no grip on my life this week. Many articles have been bookmarked by me, so perhaps I'll manage a whirlwind round-up later on . . .

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday headlines

Again, appointments both before and after work.... grump.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Quick Friday roundup

Getting sleeeepyyyy....

Thursday highlights

This week is just getting away from me. Belated out-takes from the 25 or so articles I bookmarked yesterday...

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Monday quickie

Morning and evening obligations for a couple of days mean that blogging may be light for much of this week...

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Friday headlines

(Hoping to have more garnish sometime soon...)

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Thursday headlines (with snark)

Groggy now...

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Tuesday deluge

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Monday trickle

(In addition to, of course, a heaping pile of baseball celebration and an inexplicable series about one little girl's health battles...)