Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Service interruptus

I have contractors losing my cats down holes in the walls, family camped out in my living room, an inability to sleep at night, and generally no grip on my life this week. Many articles have been bookmarked by me, so perhaps I'll manage a whirlwind round-up later on . . .


Blogger John E said...

Hey -
I didn't know how else to get in touch with you. I thought you and the readers of SFR might be interested in knowing this: Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts is hosting an interactive forum with three of the candidates for Pa. Supreme Court (Judge Michael Krancer, Judge Maureen Lally-Green and Judge Debra Todd). The forum is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct 24 (1 pm) at the Phila. Bar Association (1101 Market, 11th Floor).

You can order lunch there for $5. Just thought you might be interested, I know you've covered candidates forums for At-Large Council candidates in the past. Thanks-

John McDonald

9:49 AM  

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