Thursday, May 24, 2007

Election footnote

You may or not be aware of the odd local publication called the Public Record, Jimmy Tayoun's rag, which acts as a sort of newsletter-cum-society pages for the city's political insiders (with more coverage for those who pay to advertise there, nearly content-free columns, lots of photos from fundraisers, and other follies) -- it comes as a freebie to elected officials and who knows who else. Well, suprising to none, they were all gung-ho for Brady, full of cheerleading articles and relegation of the other contenders to inner pages. And still I was stunned to see the cover of the issue dated the day after the election (which arrived sometime this week, I think):

May 17 PR cover
(click for a larger version)

Notable here are the following: (1) the top story concerns dredging of the Delaware (obviously the news of the week), (2) there are three stories about the election, but none of them concern the mayoral winner, and (3) they actually come close to not mentioning Nutter's name on the front page at all -- it appears only in the photo captions and in an article about money raised and spent, which notes that the "Knox bloc could endure in city politics if a Nutter administration falters." Eesh.

I understand that this came out the next day, writing deadlines, blah blah. And yet somehow they managed to complain about low voter turnout, speculate about the Council Presidency based on the results (although they could easily have written that in advance, with spin to be filled in later), and talk about Knox's masterful use of money and the respect that it brought him. But that new guy? I guess he's on his own, at least until page 7 . . . (where he gets a grudging congratulations)

[Note that Brady and Evans get a photo spread on page 4 under the header "Congressman Bob Brady Always a Leader." John Perzel is named "2007 Public Servant of the Year" on page 19.]



Blogger Albert Yee said...

i'm not sure how i ended up on their list (i lost the elected office i sought) but i'm on it and i get this rag all the time. i got the election edition 2 days after the election with the big brady endorsement on the cover. i thought that was funny.

1:32 AM  

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