Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Can't come up with a better header for this story. Yesterday I heard that there was a group of female Catholic priests claiming legitimacy via Bishop-derived authority, and that they had taken it upon themselves to ordain some new women, risking major disciplinary reactions from the church hierarchy. But I had no idea that this was taking place in Pennsylvania. I remember my own mother's ordination (in the UCC some 15 years ago) quite vividly -- "Here am I, Lord, Send me!" [*] -- so the description here kind of choked me up.

Anyway, this Davida and Goliath makes Beth Stroud's quest for acceptance (see, e.g., here) look like pea-shooting. I respect people's desire to stay in their home church and push for change, rather than abandoning their religious roots (mainstream political parties can offer the same frustrations), but this is a large fight that's barely begun, and the institution is moving a different way these days . . . Whew.


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