Thursday, December 01, 2005

Some newish stories

  • This week's City Paper carries a cover story about Beth Stroud, the lesbian minister in Germantown defrocked by the Methodist church for admitting her lifestyle (see prev. here). It looks at the difficulty of living in the spotlight during this process, as well as at Stroud's reasons for risking her career and then sticking with the denomination and trying to open its eyes from within.

  • It's the 50th anniversary of Rosa Parks' historic decision not to give up her seat, and SEPTA is joining many transit systems nationwide in paying tribute today to that important turning point.

  • A Daily News story wonders what it would mean if Knight-Ridder is sold -- some financial analysts are predicting that one of the two Philadelphia dailies could be closed, or both could suffer further cuts. Anybody for getting newspapers back out of corporate hands, so that good news coverage and healthy profit margins are enough?

    Update: PhillyFuture offers the chance to join a campaign to save the Daily News from this possible beheading...


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