Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wednesday politicians

  • Philadelphia's Mayor John Street is being asked about his plans for the smoking ban, which he once swore to have approved by the end of this calendar year (see prev. here). His shiftiness on this topic could reflect a change of heart (see prev. speculation here) or practical doubts about where the ninth Council vote would come from, especially with Cohen gone.

  • Philadelphia City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell appears to have had a change of heart about ethics regulations in the city (see discussion of her previous solo opposition here). She now plans to vote for the independent oversight board, at least, although she is still not committed to signing onto the other Nutter bills regulating campaign contributions by city contractors. Small steps, Jannie.

  • Senator Rick Santorum appears to be the beneficiary of some substantial secret donations, as $1 million flows from a VA anti-tax organization to fund early campaign commercials here in PA (everywhere except Philadelphia). It appears to be a nonprofit acting as a PAC...

  • US Rep. Jim Gerlach is taking some flak for management of his own campaign funds, from over-reporting recent fundraising to accepting donations in amounts that are over state limits. Everything is being made right, but opponent Lois Murphy is getting a little hay out of the story.


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