Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More looks at the beleagured smoking ban

More roller-coaster:
  • Nutter and Street have made up, which means that one level of threat has been removed. (But can Street convince more fence-sitters to sign on?)

  • Street projects confidence about a ban "by the end of the year," leaving some uncertainties about how much the eventual measure might resemble the current Nutter compromise effort. Colorful columnist-speak of the day:
    But the means of getting there from the current impasse in City Council is as murky as a neighborhood tavern during “Monday Night Football.”
    DiCicco sounded much less optimistic...
Maybe Street will be happy enough to have upstaged Nutter on the issue that he will bring some clout to the table. Only time will tell.

Update: looks like it's tabled until the fall. (I refuse to keep posting incremental news!)


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