Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Other Wednesday bits

Small updates to ongoing stories:
  • Two new twists in the Mariano tragedy investigation. First, the feds' subpoenas for papers related to Mariano's doings have included "Johnny Doc" Dougherty, which automatically makes it news (given Doc's Big Dog status and presumed mayoral ambitions), despite the statements that Dougherty himself is not under any suspicion in this matter. Adding more seaminess to an already sad story, the feds request that Mariano undergo psychological testing to be sure that he's really fit to stand trial.

  • An Inquirer editorial expresses exasperation with state legislators for coming so close to repealing their pay-raise and then blowing the chance.
    By rejecting the state Senate's version of the pay-raise repeal, House legislators seem content to twist in the wind of citizens' outrage over the issue for a few more weeks. Now it will require a House-Senate conference committee to resolve legislators' differences over how to roll back their salary hike.
    (I think they are all probably pretty well adapted to the winds of outrage by now.) Nevertheless, the editors think that the value of sustained civic engagement has been proven here.

  • The Daily News' Urban Warrior is glad that a creative solution was found to the recent transit strike, but wonders what other massive savings might be found by careful examination of SEPTA's financial records. More promisingly, the piece notes that local business leaders have begun to recognize the value of public transit to the functioning of the local economy and may become a force for positive change in the system.


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