Wednesday, June 08, 2005

You can never start too soon (?!)

There has already been plenty of speculation about Democratic candidates for Philadelphia mayor in 2007, with several prominent possibilities already raising funds and quietly solidifying their support (see, e.g., this post). However, premature rumors are one thing; the appearance of campaign schwag two years in advance is quite another!
Bright yellow "Saidel for Mayor" stickers are plastered on No Parking signs and utility poles in Queen Village. "Dock 07" messages have spouted up on everything from bartenders' T-shirts to football-shaped stickers distributed at an Eagles' pre-Super Bowl rally.

Even though the mayoral primaries are two years off, not-so-subtle political messages are already evident across Philadelphia. Though neither Jonathan Saidel, who didn't seek re-election as City Controller, nor electricians' union head John Dougherty have officially declared, behind-the-scenes fundraising and rallies have them at the forefront of the race to replace Mayor Street.
This City Paper article has speculations on just about every name that has come up over the last six months, so good fodder for political junkies. They also point out that, with jockeying starting this early, the 2007 primary may well be headed for an alltime record in campaign spending.


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