Friday, November 18, 2005

Around the politicians

  • The investigation/trial of Phila. City Councilman Rick Mariano has taken another turn with another guilty plea from one of those involved. More on what he's admitted to here.

  • Also in City Council news, President Anna Verna, while making no decision about whether to have an election to fill David Cohen's empty Council seat, is officially closing his office. Probably a bad sign for those who might have hoped to continue that office's work (such as chief of staff Bill Greenlee, or widow and past staffer Florence Cohen).

  • Angling for the Phila. Mayor's office took a new direction, below the radar, as Councilwoman Tasco proposes a new definition of "candidate" that might hurt Fattah's fundraising (and favor someone she prefers).

  • Meanwhile, State Rep. Dwight Evans takes issue with the previous newspaper characterization (see here) of his and Mayor Street's anti-violence plans as being in conflict. He points out that he actually collaborated in the development of Street's initiative.


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