Thursday, September 29, 2005

Senatorial flash

The cover story of the new City Paper shows a haloed Senator Rick Santorum and carries the tagline "How Rick Santorum became the nation's evangelical poster boy." The article itself is in no way reverent, but curious about the Santorum phenomenon, as well as the man's view of himself -- lots of looking into his personal history and interviewing family and friends. You get a sense of a moderate but ambitious man who took a sharp right-turn about 15 years ago (around the time of his marriage and entry into politics), who has always been politically attuned and driven, and who remains in many ways a cipher.

A smaller article in the same issue looks at John Featherman, who intends to challenge Santorum for the Republican nomination (see previous here). However, it's more about the Underdog Phenomenon than it is about the candidate or his actual positions, although it mentions his key concerns and describes his longtime involvement with privacy issues.


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