Thursday, August 18, 2005

Early-stage opposition

Despite Bob Casey's being promised an unopposed primary for the Democratic Senate nomination (see previous drama in two acts), he still has Chuck Pennacchio (and the even more obscure Alan Sandals) nipping at his heels. Now it looks like incumbent and conservative giant Rick Santorum is in the same boat, as John Featherman announces the intent to run against him in the Republican primary next spring.
The state GOP organization is poised to give Santorum its endorsement and, as a two-term incumbent, he is an overwhelming favorite for the nomination. But Featherman said he wants to offer moderate Republicans an alternative to Santorum's socially conservative positions on abortion and gay marriage.
Featherman ran as a Libertarian candidate in the general election in 2000.
Thought: he certainly has no chance, but any publicity that he gets is likely to paint Santorum as a party extremist, which might have an effect on perceptions in the general election to follow...


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