Monday, August 15, 2005

Troubled waters in Germantown

Two pieces in the Daily News today look at the Central Germantown Council, a neighborhood development agency that appears a bit beleagured in the wake of the departure of Steven Vaughn, its former head, recently convicted of defrauding the city in other matters (see previous short takes here and here).
  • The first piece looks at the council itself, and the amazing confusion about who's in charge, what (if anything) they're spending their money on, and whether they're having any effect on the area. It's remarkable how little seems to be on paper concerning anything about this group and its business.

  • The second piece focuses on Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller, who appears to be the driving force behind whatever it is that the CGC is or isn't doing. This snippet gives a sense of the chaos:
    Miller said that she was sure that Vaughn had resigned but that she had no idea who is chairing the board. Betty Turner, the CGC's acting president, said she had no idea, either.

    At a CGC board meeting in mid-June, several board members said they had been told that Germantown businessman Keith Coleman was chairman of the special-services district. But Coleman is one of the listed board members who was never approved by City Council.

    Asked about his status, Coleman told the Daily News, "I don't know what my role is."
    About the only thing that anyone can point to is that trash is getting hauled away... Wow.


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