Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday news bits

A few newsbits caught my attention today:
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art is planning to undertake a major expansion, involving hollowing out its hillside for new galleries (adding 60% to its total space) and parking. There will be quite a long fundraising trail ahead, however.

  • PA state Senator Michael Stack has taken some flak for apparent conflict of interest over some land he's involved with that appears prime for casino optioning (see previous story here). Well, I guess he's off the hook, and also out of luck, as the Las Vegas casino company has decided to pass on that tract in favor of other locations.
    "There was obviously some controversy over Sen. Stack's involvement," Kanofsky said. "We don't know if he did anything wrong... but in light of the controversy we felt we were best served by moving away."
    Good thinking . . .

  • The Philadelphia Housing Authority is to be the recipient of $17 million from the federal government, which will go to build housing on vacant/abandoned lots in North Philly starting next spring. More description of the project is presented here. Good for the city, good for the neighborhoods, and apparently good for Senator Rick Santorum, who was there for the photo opp, handing off the check.

  • An Inquirer editorial congratulates the Germantown civic group who ousted their president, Steven Vaughn, who was convicted of defrauding the city (in a different context) out of tens of thousands of dollars. Well, one successful clean-up, anyway.


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