Wednesday, March 23, 2005


We noted previously that a PA state senator (Michael Stack) had failed to mention a conflict of interest, insofar as he was considering gaming legislation while in possession of a piece of property that could balloon in value if a developer exercised the option to use it for a slots parlor. In fact, he previously sat out a vote on a measure changing the valuation of rights to that land (way downward), and it was his company that then snapped up the bargain.

Well, apparently the folks at home aren't the only ones smelling a bit more than the odor of dead fish around the whole business: the feds are issuing subpoenas for records in the matter. I particularly like this side bit:
His father, 58th Democratic Ward Leader Michael Stack Jr., owned another 20 percent but last month gave that stock to his wife, Municipal Court Judge Felice Stack, because he is facing felony forgery and conspiracy charges in an unrelated matter.
Just lovely all around. The combination of development decisions and the prospect of gaming just brings out the best in folks.

(via Young Philly Politics)


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