Monday, May 02, 2005

Circus coverage

Apparently the local blog coverage of/support for Seth Williams primary campaign for D.A. has caught the notice of Mainstream Media, resulting in this little Daily News tidbit. Sadly, the writer seems more amused by the quaint novelties of the local scene, such as the colorful names of local blogs or the existence of a get-together called Drinking Liberally, than by the substance of Williams' campaign. But perhaps some of the curiosity-seekers will stumble across something more meaningful than they started out looking for.

As for anybody who comes to this page because of that article, please see these two eloquent endorsements of Williams, which summarize better than I could what he offers the Philadelphia region (and how he compares to the incumbent). Also note that he has the official support of both the Fraternal Order of Police and of a group of former Assistant District Attorneys, and that even Lynne Abraham is starting to steal his ideas. Only two more weeks to make up your own mind!

(thanks to Young Philly Politics for the pointer)


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