Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Taking from the poor

A week ago I blogged the story of Barbara Landers, assistant to State Rep. Rieger, and her siphoning off of funds intended to improve her blighted neighborhood. The City Paper has a cover story on this scandal, and more importantly how it has hit the region involved, where some had hoped to see small improvements, and how the neglect of representatives can lead to a downward slide in an already troubled part of town.
"When you look at the monies Mrs. Landers allegedly misused, it's a small drop in the bucket. It wouldn't go very far considering the devastation we have here, but far enough to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the poor," says [Neighborhood Advisory Committee director] Griffin, whose group has been trying to reverse bad trends here since 1989. "Of course it's frustrating. It could have been used for housing, senior assistance, people could use it to assist with youth programs, overall neighborhood beautification, changing behaviors."
Seems these folks can't get a fair shake, either in Harrisburg or around the corner.


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