Monday, April 18, 2005

State legislator screws home district

If that's too generic, the story concerns State Rep. William Rieger and his assistant Barbara Landers. The latter managed to siphon off tons of money intended to improve the district, while the former apparently turned a blind eye (or even helped in the sneakiness).
Landers was charged last week with skimming off more than $68,000 in state grant money. The money came from taxpayers' wallets and was meant to improve the blighted neighborhoods in Rieger's hard-luck North Philadelphia "home district."
. . .
The money was entrusted to Landers in her capacity as head of a nonprofit community group.
The article also mentions some past blots on Rieger's record, including missing most of the votes of the committee he heads and paying rent for "office space" in Landers' barely accessable basement. His constituents deserve better.


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