Saturday, July 05, 2008

Some bits

  • After our giving Willy Singletary the thumbs-up for Traffic Court (in the absence of having met any other candidates, we will admit), we were a bit saddened by his subsequent troubles over unpaid tickets and the like. Happily, an article in today's Inquirer indicates that he's doing well on the bench, whatever else might be going on. In the end, giving a crap about the job is still worth a lot, and his enthusiasm appears undimmed.

  • Through all the citizen and local-politician fury over casino siting in Philadelphia, Governor Rendell has stood by the current locations and the state's right to pick 'em. Now it appears he's suggesting that the owners reconsider. Ed's a slippery character, so it's hard to know whether he's really had a change of heart or is just doing somebody, say Nutter, the favor of making a sit-down possible, but still it's a climate change for those who still hope that the city can have ultimate say over the future of its waterfront.

  • Interested in getting the break-down of election results after they are tabulated? Apparently you have to be a Big Dog to get one of the magical system passwords to access this public data. (Antique) Commish Marge Tartaglione apparently can't be bothered to modernize the system or really even defend the way it currently works, but the guys over at Young Philly Politics are shining a light under some rocks and getting some press, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Another local activist forced the elimination of a charge to obtain voting lists (also public info), so perhaps there's hope yet that voters can get access to the functioning of their own system.


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