Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday news roundup

  • The passing of an era: Tom Cronin's reign as union leader comes to an end this week. Something tells me he'll find other outlets for his activism...

  • SEPTA finds endless ways to endear itself to those who should be its loyal supporters: the riders. Lost in the clamor over the threatened transfer elimination was another change that had my Spouse grumbling for several days: regional rail riders pay a surcharge for buying tickets on the train even if there was no place to buy them at the station (which includes some half of all platforms). All this does is discourage occasional riders, those least motivated to buy ahead or in bulk. Good thinking, transit planners!

  • Phila. health agency in disarray: Drug shipments are not tracked, equipment is missing, and no auditing is done, an official said. Very reassuring.

  • Perhaps those Clean Sweepers are having some effect: a second apellate judge is giving back her pay raise and now wants to be sure that people know that.

  • Philadelphia will get its first of several retail mini-clinics, a primary care outpatient service to be offered in some pharmacies.
    The clinics offer early-morning, evening and weekend hours, plus clearly posted prices. They focus on relatively mundane medical problems - bladder and ear infections, flu, poison ivy - and promise to refer patients with more serious maladies to emergency rooms or doctors' offices. MinuteClinic will give shots, including flu shots.
    Good to get some alternatives for non-emergency care.

  • City schools sever tie to Aramark -- will run own cafeterias. Dan U-A has some ideas they might consider.

  • John Baer | Somebody is keeping track of the truth -- local Annenberg-based FactCheck keeps the politicians honest, at least after their speeches end.

  • Assessing the tax issue -- Philadelphia Forward is challenging the city's reassessments, while final plans for handling the resulting tax changes are still up in the air.

  • Ward leader Matos facing N.J. sentence -- he already pleaded guilty to bribery, but the Philly machine is rallying around him as he awaits sentencing. I'm sure this picture reassures Mr. Fumo.

  • The Philadelphia Weekly has an issue on environmentalism ("green" issues):

    1. Bring It on Home: New Philly companies help locals build green. (Actually, various stores cover construction to home cleaning products.)

    2. Under the 'Hood: PhillyCarShare cultivates street cred. (and reaches out to additional populations)

    3. Breaking the Recycle: PW -— like most city businesses -— needs to go green. (It's an uphill fight.)

  • Editorial | YouTube's Mayoral Forum


  • Phil Goldsmith | FORGET THE GIPPER, AL. DO IT FOR SARAH = Taubenberger needs to run an actual campaign, with actual GOP positions on the issues.

  • PW: Cop Out: How ’bout just hiring 10,000 more police officers? (rather than hoping to find that many volunteers to patrol)

  • YPP: Volunteer This Election Day with The Committee of Seventy!

  • AAJane: An Interview with Scott Yates of (which helps you keep track of what your representatives are up to)


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