Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday top stories

Another shattered day, with a morning staff meeting and an after-work appointment. These two stories stood out -- I'll try to hit the rest of the deluge tomorrow.
  1. SEPTA seeks new fare hikes. We kind of knew that something would have to replace the blocked transfer elimination, and it looks like SEPTA would like to raise the cost of tokens and transfers (leaving the cash fare the same). The Daily News thinks this is reasonable, but also has some sharp advice for SEPTA on its overall handling of fares...

  2. Phila. council is back: Let jockeying begin. A new session, with lame-duck Ramos getting in last licks and all the Councilfolk bringing their rational and their crazy ideas to the table.
    City Council returns to work today with ethics reform, casinos, even immigration on the agenda, as members position themselves for leadership posts in anticipation of a new administration taking over in January.
    Votes on making the Inspector General's office more independent and on restructuring the Fairmont Park Commission were expected today, as both would be under tight deadlines to qualify for November ballot measures. Expect lots of takes on the action tomorrow.


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