Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday top stories

Two stories stood out for me today among the general clamor:
  1. A group in Bucks County is going to set up a solar power array large enough to power some 400 homes. It's the brain-child of a pair of local entrepreneurs, although it's being funded through some of the big alternative power players. Go, green options! (Also notable is that there are ongoing programs for homeowners to put solar panels on their own homes.)

  2. A prime piece of Philadelphia real estate, in the 2000 block of Sansom, will no longer be held hostage by a disputed PPA project, as they gave up after eight years of planning and court battle, selling the property to some developers. No word yet on what the latter have in mind for the site, but presumably they learned something from the reaction to the PPA's proposed demolition of three historic buildings . . . Now if we could just do something about that grassy lot on Chestnut!


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