Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday's top two stories

Again, two seemed much more interesting than the rest, in part because they're, you know, new stuff:
  • New towers to rise on 30th St. -- that is, our first glimpse of UPenn's plan for the parcel of land they acquired along the western banks of the Schuylkill River. The schematics include a large office tower (Cira Center South), a residential tower on Chestnut, conversion of the US Post Office building into IRS offices, and eventually some more athletic fields and other open space. Plans span more than five years, but would go a long way toward bridging the underpopulated gap between Penn and the river (and thus Center City). Exciting prospects!

  • Probably a longer shot, but still a novelty: Future of Pa. six-pack sales is now a case for justices -- that is, might Pennsylvanians be trusted to buy beer at grocery and convenience stores, like residents of other states? It's almost too much to imagine... The article is a trip through the arcana of state beer regulations.


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