Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quick Tuesday roundup

  • The budget crisis that was

    • Main story: state leaders worked out some of their differences last night such that furloughed workers could return to their posts after only one day out -- in fact, they are even likely to be paid for that one day. Apparently the compromise involved the legislators' promising that they would have a special session in the fall on Rendell's alternative-energy proposals; sounds like the Governor was the one to blink. Meantime, everybody claims victory...

    • Some retrospective analysis of the standoff (and of Rendell's time in office) is offered by the Inquirer. Interesting linkage of this year's woes to pay-hike-related fallout.

    • Ronnie Polaneczky offers some apt snark about the fact that casinos remained open while other offices and services were shuttered yesterday. The DN opinion page adds some bitter analysis of the issues as well. And AAJane thought the legislature was a bit unseemly in its lighthearted handling of the day.

  • In other news


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