Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Monday belated

Feeling crappy this week, meh. Would ordinarily skip days where I leave early, but there were some interesting things yesterday:
  • There's a PATCO station underneath Franklin Square, the reopening of which is becoming increasingly attractive in light of renewed tourist activity nearby and the lure of Northern Liberties (and, unsaid, casino) traffic. If SEPTA doesn't have the bucks to build, perhaps PATCO will fill the gap...

  • DanUA notes problems with conversion of public housing, not because low density doesn't feel more civilized, but because waiting lists for subsidized homes get longer every year. Difficult problems, not nearly enough solutions being thrown at them!

  • Inga Saffron notes that excavations at Washington's house are winding down, with the space being filled in with dirt until the possibility of reworking plans for the site can be thought through.

  • Philadelphia Will Do makes a good point (in a pleasantly snarky way) about SEPTA's decision to eliminate transfers (starting tomorrow).


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