Monday, July 09, 2007

In other Monday news...

  • The Inquirer takes a look at Michael Nutter's advisory team, the likelihood of adding more folks, and the challenges in learning to delegate more from the mayor's office than he might be used to.

  • The Daily News goes on the campaign trail with Nutter and Taubenberg and compares the rather different sensibilities of their efforts. Nutter has to keep reminding people there's still an election in November, while his opponent tries to convince them that it will actually be a contest...

  • The DN notes the case of another negligent property owner, tracing the collapse of his buildings and their negative impace on the neighborhood. Residents of the area have been trying to get the city to take over the properties and get them back to life, but to no avail; perhaps a little sunlight will spark some action.

  • Those who think that "civil unions" are the answer to the question of gay marriage may be dismayed by a recent development in New Jersey, in which a firm (UPS) says that the state statute's differentiation of such unions from the institution of marriage put them in a legalistic tangle such that they couldn't provide health benefits to same-sex couples, even though they are happy to do that in Massachusetts, where gay couples can actually marry. Basically, even though the intent of NJ legislators was to create an equivalent insitution, federal law has the "only a man and a woman" clause that complicates rules for interstate companies. As one UPS driver complained,
    "We were told this law was going to give us the same benefits as everybody else, even though they weren't calling it marriage. It just goes to show when something is separate, it's never equal."
    Indeed . . .

  • Metro: Even top students in Philadelphia’s inner-city schools struggle to find way to afford staggering college costs

  • An Inquirer opinion piece looks at the debate over developments proposed in Valley Forge National Park (where there's apparently an island of private property). I knew about the idea of the museum (or at least a prior proposal to have one), but had no idea that a hotel, mall, conference center, and food emporium were part of the plan! Surely the site deserves better, and the experience of other historic battlegrounds shows the way.

  • Both major dailies have editorials aimed at Harrisburg's attempt to unravel a part of Philadelphia's campaign finance reform efforts: Inky and DN. Dan at YPP takes a closer look at who's sponsoring the bill and what their interests might be.


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