Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday bits

  • Most interesting article of the day is one looking at Philadelphia's city charter and specifically asking whether, given the spate of recent amendments (not that common in other eras), the whole thing should be overhauled. Gives some background on why the document was created (basically to rein in corrupt politicians), how some mayors have worked around it, and what topics might get discussed were the issue to get serious consideration. Worth a read for general civic clue.

  • SEPTA in the news again today, with two pieces: one in which Street argues (belatedly) against the elimination of transfers [also noted is a public meeting, at which other changes got some protest], and a second focused on rider ire about such issues as the surcharge for buying tickets on the train (even if no tickets are available at that station) as well as the transfer issue:
    Butkovitz said that eliminating transfers would effectively turn the 11 percent fare hike into 36 percent for riders using two tokens and 54 percent for riders paying two cash fares. Lance Haver, the mayor's consumer advocate, accused SEPTA of not providing the public with any details of how much - if any - money would be saved by eliminating transfers.
  • Editorial | Setting Judicial Salaries -- better to leave the legislature out?

  • Letter: Gun violence is a statewide problem

  • Philly for Change is having a picnic Sunday in Clark Park...

  • Ray Murphy solicits solutions for gun violence.

  • A poster at PhillyFuture notes a new system that allows gunfire to be localized even before anybody reports it -- something that might be of use here?


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