Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday trickle

  • Mayor Street is late in submitting a 5-year budget plan to the state oversight committee, eliciting threats that if Monday's dealine isn't met, state funding for next year could be slashed. Bureaucratic bumbling, or vengeance on Nutter via the people of Philadelphia?

  • The nation's drug czar came to Philadelphia to promote poor science (treating a correlation between marijuana use and gang membership as a causal one) and recommend random drug-testing of students as a cure. (More here.) Sadly, none of the discussion involved funds for better intervention with at-risk youth...

  • John Baer decries the inability of our elected representatives to pull together dedicated transit funding, rather than waiting for a crisis and then cobbling together a band-aid.

  • Two from the new Philadelphia Weekly: a profile of the struggles of West Philly High, and a piece noting that food critic Craig LaBan will lose his ability to make secret visits when his rarely seen visage appears via a taped testimony in an upcoming trial.


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