Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday flash

Another slow news day, and then I'm away until next Tuesday, so afraid I won't be keeping up. (But at least it will be over a month before my next summer interruption.)
  • The big story appears to be this one: Pa. Supreme Court rebuffs casino foes (see more here). Specifically, the court ruled that neighborhood groups had no standing to challenge the state's decision. Sigh.

  • City Council officially approved a lease for Barnes Foundation on the Parkway, good for 99 years. However, no new site has been found for the current occupants of the site (a juvenile detention facility), thanks to Ms. Blackwell...

  • The Daily News had Michael Nutter on its cover, and included this story of how Nutter's campaign bucked conventional wisdom for how a mayoral race in Philadelphia needs to work.

  • The Philadelphia Weekly takes a look at the city's recreation centers, with an editorial noting the decline in their numbers and a longish article looking at one North Philly center that avoided closure and is a center for neighborhood life.

  • Another PW piece notes the latest Northern Liberties growing pains, in the form of rebellion against the entry of chain stores, even so innocent a brand as Rita's Water Ice!

  • Philly for Change is undertaking a neat project, looking for concrete reforms that the mayor and lame-duck Council can enact in the six months they have left. You'll have to run to make their meet-up tonight, if you're reading this, but I'm sure Ray or Jen would gladly hear your suggestions anytime this week.
Have a great rest of the week/weekend, and I'll see you next week!


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