Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Slow news Tuesday

(And, might I note, yesterday was a pretty slow news day too...)
  • Open-records efforts in Pennsylvania got a bit of a boost with the support of the Senate majority leader, who now supports changing the default presumption to "open" (i.e., documents are assumed to be open to the public unless specifically exempted). Seems like a positive development.

  • West Philadelphia saw a large rally against gun violence yesterday, which included onetime local boy Bill Cosby. Mayoral nominee Nutter also took part.

  • Polaneczky claims that casino supporters are defensive and tired of being considered "tools" of the casino industry for being willing to listen to what is being said. yawn.

  • The Metro has more on what's going on with Wireless Philadelphia. sort of.

  • Dan at YPP had a good piece yesterday on the relationship of the city and the state with regard to local regulations -- when the state has chosen to preempt city laws, how citizens have fought back, what has resulted. A good round-up of the last couple of years' activity on this front and its import.

  • Albert's household is trying to lessen its environmental impact, and especially to push their boundaries during Low Impact Week. Good to be aware of where it's easy to be less wasteful.

  • Keystone Politics notes a series of recent stories that note the impact of casinos now operating in the greater Philly area and thus give some sense of what effects they'll have in Philly and other parts of PA. Especially notable to me was that the number of employees drawn from the immediate area was much lower than promised . . .


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