Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today's mayoral ruminations

Lots of fluffy pieces about undecided voters, etc., today. In the chewier realm, the following are worth noting:
  • Perhaps Nutter should have thought twice about starting his run with attacks on the current mayor, as Street is behind an anti-Nutter effort currently underway, making fundraising calls on the group's behalf. (Of course, he could be in it for his own interests anyway, as he's often talked about as a candidate for Fattah's (or Brady's) Congressional seat...)

  • More on general grousing and mutual attacks among the candidates here and here.

  • Today's Inquirer question concerns how to improve city planning/development: answers from Nutter, Fattah, Knox, Brady, and Evans all sound many of the same notes (although Knox's reads most like an empty campaign blurb).

  • The CityPaper poses a reader question to candidats on compensation to homicide victims, and reports their various answers.

  • A Daily News piece takes a look at voter turn-out efforts -- especially the paid kind -- and the role that they may play in this race. Specifically, they look at the expected strategies and troops available to each candidate for Tuesday.

  • The CityPaper "polnote" reports insider speculation that Brady will pull out the race by a hair, based largely on support from John Street. Their analysis seems to omit Nutter as a recipient of black votes (!), while calling West Philadelphia, Nutter's old district, key to the race (!!)... [Some musings on other races too.]

  • And the CP's "Insider" talks about Nutter's momentum and the final days before Election Day.

  • A YPP poster makes the case for Dwight Evans.

  • Given that the general election is almost an afterthought in this mayoral race, the CityPaper urges the candidates to get their promised actions underway starting as soon as the primary is over, rather than waiting six months and leaving the city hanging.


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