Friday, May 04, 2007

Showdown over guns

Apparently Philadelphia is tired of waiting for Harrisburg to get serious about problems with illicit guns and is stirring up some trouble: City Council has passed a series of gun regulations (eight delayed bills!), and plans to take the state to court over any attempts to overturn the new rules, charging that inaction by the higher body led to the need for local preemption.
Among other controls, the bills would limit gun purchases to one a month and would require gun owners to promptly report lost or stolen firearms.
It should be noted that the sponsors of this approach are Clarke and Reed Miller, both facing challenges from strong progressives, but it can hardly be argued that creative solutions to the gun problem aren't needed. The Daily News had an editorial yesterday arguing that Philadelphia should indeed be given control over its own gun trafficking needs. Have no idea how much chance such a suit will have . . .


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