Friday, May 25, 2007

Short reprieve

That is, SEPTA is putting off any fare hikes for at least a month, which probably means something promising is brewing over at Rendell Central, or that somebody thinks there might be funding discussions to come. I hope.


Blogger Carl said...

Not about Septa, but I thought you and your readers might want to see this:

Excerpt The Inquirer's data-analysis guru, Dylan Purcell, has graciously (and enthusiastically) provided PhillyInc with two interesting spreadsheets unavailable anywhere else, as far as we know. Both look at mayoral campaign donations of individuals over the past year or so, grouped by their employers as listed on disclosure forms.

I thought you’d be interested in this campaign finance material on our new business news blog, PhillyInc.



Carl H. Lavin

Deputy managing editor, news

6:53 PM  

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