Monday, May 07, 2007

Round-up of endorsements and related bits

  • Daily News gives their District Council endorsements for all Districts.

  • Inquirer endorses Verna in the 2nd District. (I think they're trickling these out, but will surely recap all next weekend or Monday.)

  • AAJane takes a closer look at Matt Ruben, candidate for City Council At-Large.

  • The Daily News talks about the Zoning Reform ballot question.

  • The Inquirer advises against Question 2, which would get rid of the resign-to-run law -- they're the first I've heard oppose it. Are we forgetting some critical history, or are they inventing a possible downside?

  • I think there's a summary of Inky recommendations, at least, on the whole slew of ballot questions. When I track it down, I'll post it for general reference. (Dear Inky: why make it so hard to find??)


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