Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quick Wednesday roundup

Have to leave soon, so just some quickies. (Also note my update to the story below about the Rendell Cabinet Secretaries having a tough time being reconfirmed.)
  • Poll suggests Nutter closing gap with Knox (also some small bits there about endorsements received by other candidates)

  • The Ethics Board takes its first shot, bringing suit against a PAC run by Carol Campbell (see previous note on its outlays for Brady and Campbell's campaigns here) for not filing its records on time.

  • Inky's latest "what they're promising" piece: Knox's police hire promises and where he thinks he can glean the money from city budgets. (Note the intent to effect staffing reductions by not filling empty jobs.)

  • Inky also offers its endorsements for Municipal Court.

  • The Philadelphia Weekly notes neighbors combatting a nuisance bar by threatening it with a Sherriff's sale for its hefty unpaid back-taxes. (Amazing that there's such a hefty fee to get the city what it's owed!)

  • Two bits from Inga Saffron, after long absence: one notes demolition plans for another historic building (with worries that this area will start to look rather bombed out if somebody doesn't start redeveloping the properties), and another noting a planned renovation of a building on Rittenhouse Square, complete with restoration of some of its original external features (and, of course, the obligatory Starr restaurant).


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