Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quick round-up

Amidst a thousand election-related stories and tallies, a couple seemed worth highlighting, and I'm happy to report some refreshingly non-election-related bits as well.
  • Election trickle (and not the last of it, you can be sure!):

    • Among the many stories about Nutter's mayoral win (and/or the failure of the others), I find this one the most useful, as it looks at the things Nutter will have to think about during the next 7 months (before he takes office) and at the start of his term. Who will he appoint? How might union negotiations over pensions color his approach to other issues? What political bridges will need building? No answers given, but good things to watch over the coming year.

    • Everywhere except Philadelphia dealt with a proposal to shift school funding from property taxes to income taxes, which was defeated by a substantial margin.

    • Also interesting is this look at the Montgomery County commissioners' race, which was calm in the primary but looks likely to get quite heated in the general.

  • Look! other news!!

    • Apparently the Pinelands are on fire in Southern New Jersey, threatening both homeowners and possible tourist flow this summer. 12,000 acres were already reported burned as of this morning, with firefighters still hard at work. (A National Guard training mission is speculated to be the cause of the fire.)

    • PA Supreme Court heard from the Riverwalk Casino group, still miffed about losing out to Sugarhouse in the same region of Philadelphia. Testimony appeared to be focused on the Gaming Board's conflict-of-interest rules and whether they were effective.

    • Barack Obama is coming to Philadelphia for some kind of rally/fundraiser next Tuesday, so get your tickets now if you want to see the man in person.

    • Several recent stories from Inga Saffron slipped under my pre-election radar, including two on the handling of Washington's house on Independence Mall -- on on the archaeology and one on the planned memorial -- and two others, one addressing Delaware Riverfront planning and how it incorporates casino sites, and the other applauding Urban Outfitters for the renovation of their new headquarters down by the Navy Yard.

    • Might Center City actually get a skateboard park (now that the resurgence of the craze has nearly passed)?


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