Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday smattering

No story jumping out to grab me, but a few smaller bits of interest:
  • Local groups applaud the performance of the campaign finance laws, while proposing a host of modifications now that the big election season is past.

  • The Urban Warrior looks at spot problems on election day, some of which raise questions about whether polling place regulations need a reworking.

  • YPP starts an interesting discussion on how to build a "reform movement" for Philadelphia, what it would look like, how it would achieve successes, etc. Lots of interesting musings on race, bridge-building, and other elements of the question.

  • SEPTA claims it's trying to find new revenue streams when it asks to use it's entire building facade as a huge billboard. (Note that their space faces the Convention Center...)

  • Oops, the top Traffic Court winner (and one gently endorsed here) has a bunch of outstanding tickets himself. Legal challenges may follow.

  • The city is starting to involve the Feds in shooting cases, where federal law may allow authorities to circumvent reluctant witnesses and other obstacles to punishing illegal gun use.

  • Finally, Rendell pushes ahead with a piece of his healthcare package, targeting chronic diseases for closer tracking and better care. The proposed Commission could be set up by executive order, rather than waiting for legislative approval, as with most of his other ideas.
    (via Keystone Politics)


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