Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mayoral round-up

  • Another Nutter-fest today, as the Philadelphia Weekly adds its endorsement to the heap.

    • Their cover story involves following Nutter on the campaign trail for a week, with a different reporter's impressions each day.

    • The editor explains their decision, giving an assessment of each candidate's strengths and weaknesses along the way.

    • One PW columnist explains why he has her vote.

    • On the negative side, an Inquirer piece looks at some ethical missteps in Nutter's record.

    • The DN follows with a look at the controversy caused by the "stop & frisk" idea (at least, since Nutter started to rise in the polls).

    • A new Daily News poll shows Nutter in the lead now, with a week to go and some 20% still undecided in the race (and many of the "decideds" still soft in their leanings).

  • The Inquirer's question of the day concerns gentrification.
    Answers from Brady, Evans, Fattah, Knox, and Nutter

  • The Inquirer notes that the bulk of Knox donations come from outside the city.

  • Tony Auth has a rather cutting take on the prospect of Knox as mayor.


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