Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mayoral round-up

  • Yes, that was the first in a week-long Inquirer series of questions, which continues today by asking each candidate to give their 2-minute pitch to graduates arguing why they should stay in Philadelphia. Answers from

    • Nutter (I like "stay and make history")
    • Knox (shades of "we're getting there")
    • Fattah (you help make the city great)
    • Evans (we've got character)
    • Brady (we're the next great city!).

  • Apparently the last debate got a bit feisty. It takes a lot to make a crowd gasp, although perhaps less to bring two candidates half out of their chairs...

  • Another negative Knox story, this one hitting hard in a union town, since it describes a plant closing in which severance pay never materialized (even though we swore he'd pay out of his own pocket, if need be).

  • Chaka Fattah getting late fundraising help from Barak Obama. You, sir, are no Barak Obama...

  • Another PAC has emerged to run ads in the mayor's race, this time ads questioning Nutter's stop-and-frisk proposals. (Contributors to the PAC, which is 2 years old, are not known, although the article mentions that in the past its contributors included Brady and Fattah supporters.)

  • Two bits at YPP: one looks at stop-and-frisk in the context of differences between Nutter's and Fattah's proposed approaches, and another explains his support for Nutter in terms of concerns about poverty (which Fattah sometimes claims is of interest only to him).


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