Monday, May 07, 2007

Mayoral bits

The density of election coverage is becoming almost overwhelming, so I may pass on most of it in favor of doing a dense election guide next Monday. Meantime, some bits of particular interest for both the decided and the undecided:
  • John Baer asks an obvious question, which is what significance Rendell's tacit endorsement of Evans will have on the race. Will the approval of the Big Dog bring Evans' candidacy back into the running? or jostle the other players a bit with his characterizations? or subside and leave no trace of its passing? And if Evans does make a surge, whose support will he steal? could it reinvigorate Knox's sagging push? etc. etc. A high level of tea-leaf reading.

  • Impressive, but was it worth it? Knox has outspent all his rivals combined (especially after his latest push). Lots of other detail here about the fundraising and spending efforts of the mayoral and Council candidates.

  • The Inquirer has a series of statements from the mayoral candidates -- I can't tell if these are general visions or addressing a set of questions (elswhere I came across a panel of daily questions, implying the latter, so check back tomorrow -- if so, it must be ethics today). Anyway, short punchy bits from:

    1. Nutter
    2. Knox
    3. Fattah
    4. Evans
    5. Brady

  • Oh, and there were debates, on Friday and on Sunday. I thought the latter, at least, would become available online, but I couldn't track it down. To be more, for those who can take the squabbling . . .


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