Friday, May 11, 2007

Last election coverage round-up

Short of some major revelation or other shock over the weekend, this will likely be my last say on the deluge of mayoral coverage and other endorsement chat, as I will probably make one long Voters' Guide post on Monday and call it a day.
  • Mayoral chat

    Plumbing familiar territory, the Inquirer poses a question on violent crime to the candidates. Answers from Evans, Fattah, Brady, Nutter, and Knox.

    The Inky has two more question batches to go, scheduled for tomorrow and Monday.

  • District Council talk

  • At-Large Council bits

    • YPP decides to back just one from the crowded field of newcomers, picking Derek Green as their candidate to promote. I have to say that of the most promising/discussed reformers, he's the one I know least about, but many of his supporters are folks I tend to think highly of.

    • Albert offers parts II and III of his report on an At-Large forum from a few weeks back -- quick synopses are given there of candidates' answers to the questions.

    • The Metro lets Marc Stier show his goofy humor. (Something of a risk, at this tired juncture of the campaign!)

  • Other election-related palaver

    • The Inquirer bemoans the huge ballot facing voters next Tuesday, and especially the heap of ballot questions. The concern is that voters will get weary while hunting and pecking and give up on the lowest offices and/or questions.

    • In case you're not weary upon leaving the voting booth, an Inky editorial reminds you that there may be a wooden ballot box awaiting your opinion on the casino question that was removed from the official primary.

    • AAJane has quick takes on two strong candidates for State Supreme Court: Debra Todd and C. Darnell Jones.


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