Friday, May 18, 2007

In other news (headline roundup)

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Blogger lutton said...

re: Tasty Baking

Not sure of the break down in tax payments, but I think the school district ends up on the short end.

Any thoughts?

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Anonymous Peggy Banaszek said...

Did you see this in the Daily News(below)? I had heard rumors about Traffic Court nominees and am embarassed that I didn't check them out further before endorsing. He could be innocent, but he should have straightened that out before running.

Clout | Traffic Court nominee faces tickets, fines -- in Traffic Court

TODAY'S DILEMMA in democracy concerns Willie F. Singletary.
Singletary, from West Philly, finished first among 15 candidates for three Democratic nominations to Traffic Court in last week's primary.

He is uniquely positioned to understand Traffic Court. For one thing, there's an outstanding warrant for his arrest. For another, he owes $11,412 in fines, according to court records.

We counted nine tickets for driving while his license was revoked, six for driving without insurance, three for driving an unregistered vehicle, four for driving without a license plate.

There was lots of other stuff, too, some dating back to 1996. If you add it all up, his license should be suspended until 2011.

Singletary didn't return our call yesterday, but a source said he would be resolving the fines soon.

Another source said Singletary's problem is that he comes from a troubled family whose members used his name while committing traffic infractions.

We had a chat with Singletary, 26, before the election and before we found out about the tickets. He told us he was the son of a drug-addicted mother and a father in prison.

He turned his life around by finding God and joining the Navy, from which he was honorably discharged. He's now a deacon at a West Philadelphia church, where he sometimes preaches the sermon.

He was proud that, if he wins, he'd become the youngest person ever elected to Traffic Court. But winning may not be that easy with all those traffic violations.

Bernie Strain, who finished sixth in the Traffic Court primary, said he plans to hold a press conference today to protest Singletary's nomination.

He thinks Traffic Court Administrative Judge Bernice DeAngelis should ask Supreme Court Justice Ron Castille, who oversees disciplinary matters for the region, to disqualify Singletary.

"If he's not fit to sit, then he must quit," Strain said. "We need to make this city a better place." If Singletary were ineligible, fourth-place finisher Wayne A. Johns would be the logical choice to get the nomination, although what party leaders would do is anybody's guess.

Richard W. Hoy, an attorney, representing Singletary, declined to comment. Singletary's ward leader, Vivian Miller, did not return a call.

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