Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friday unblogged

Oops, had to run Friday without really posting. You'll probably survive without most of it, but here are a couple bits worth noting from Friday, and one from Sunday:
  • The Inquirer noted the crumbling of Council resistance to casinos, especially with primary loser Juan Ramos backing bills to give SugarHouse the stamp of approval -- more here.

  • Also, when Council upped the city's funding of schools, they hoped it would encourage the state to chip in more too; not so fast, says the state.
    "Given all of the program and spending requests that are pouring in, it's impossible to offer anyone a large measure of hope," Atkinson added. "People who work on the budget are very familiar with Philadelphia's budget. But they are also very familiar with the budgets of the other 500 school districts."
    In tangentially related news, a DN opinion piece argues that when Vallas departs, we should keep in mind that it's ok if we don't have a superhero schools head; in fact, it might make things run more smoothly.

  • Inga Saffron had a piece explaining the chaos around the 15th Street subway station, and also noting some positive design developments elsewhere.

  • Sunday's Inquirer had an interesting piece looking at Brady's stature after the mayoral race, and particularly whether the perception that he might be weak could lead to challenges to his Congressional seat (something I had never considered).


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