Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A couple of other Council notes

  • Inquirer endorses McClure in the 4th District.
    Campbell, a ward leader, has been fined for past violations of state election law. The new city Board of Ethics just sued a political action committee she controls, seeking a $39,000 fine for its bad behavior in this election. Stories are legion of her berating people who dare venture onto her West Philadelphia turf with any agenda other than her own.

    How in the world could this person be seen as the right representative for a diverse district once so ably served by the reform-minded Nutter?
    Heh, right on. Ok, they actually have good things about their chosen candidate as well.

  • The Ethics Board still wants to hear from Carol Campbell about PAC activities, and has had to get a judge's order to make her pay attention.

  • Threatened incumbent At-Large Councilman Juan Ramos has used taxpayer dollars for campaign mailings, apparently thinking that was just fine until the Daily News noticed. (Also noteworthy is that he's never tried to communicate with constituents before.) Colleague Kenney gently suggests that Council rules should perhaps be amended to prohibit mass mailings just before elections...


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