Friday, May 04, 2007

Assorted bits of note

  • The Metro notes the reform Council candidates getting backed by the new Sandals PAC, in the context of a Clean Elections pledge and other reform-related activities on view yesterday.

  • The Inquirer trickles out more endorsements: Bass in the 8th Council District (although they give a nod to Ackelsberg too; man, we'll hate to see Miller reelected due to a split among the anti-Reed vote) and Untermeyer for Sheriff (joining us).

  • AAJane looks at Anne Lazarus, a Superior Court candidate, by reading one of her papers and excerpting the gist.

  • The CityPaper looks at the relationship between Council candidate Irv Ackelsberg and his son, Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg, prominent at Young Philly Politics. They seem amused by the tangle of considerations that the campaign-blog dynamics generate. In semi-related news, Ray Murphy, the other largest figure at YPP, had an article in this week's CityPaper (lost amidst the Nutter-related clamor) encouraging everybody to get involved in making the city work, rather than sitting on the sidelines hoping that somebody else will make change happen.


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