Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday headlines

Sleepy day, and now I have to go... (will expand this evening if I can)


Blogger ted said...

the inquirer seems to be developing a solid record of recording bradys successes as abysmal failures.

contrary - yet again - to the headlines, brady has just gotten the endorsement of afscme 810 - the probabtion and parole officers.

i hope they manage to put that on the front page the way they have bradys other fictional losses, and treat it as the success it is.

does anyone need to empasize how important it is to reduce recidivism by streamlining and strengthening our parole program?

brady also presented his “Break the Cycle” plan which calls for:

* Moving the Office of Parole and Probation to City Hall, leaving direct accountability with the Mayor;
* Creation of community parole offices with automated parolee check-in;
* Tracking parolees through GPS enabled bracelets;
* Hiring up to 300 parole officers;
* Giving parole officers the tools they need to get the job done: improving parole officer pay, and training parole officers to handle the unique demands of the job.


very practical and strikes a constructive note on a critical issue.

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