Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday news

  • Campaign finance ruling

    • Official report of the recent ruling upholding Philadelphia's right to set rules more stringent than the state standards: Inky and DN. Fattah intends to appeal.

    • An Inquirer editorial applauds the decision:
      In its landmark decision that upholds Philadelphia's campaign-finance limits, Commonwealth Court yesterday said that the city, in effect, had a perfectly legal right to try to clean up its own mess.
      They argue that the threat posed by unregulated contributions is larger than that of millionare candidates.

    • Dan at YPP looks at Fattah's pursuit of an appeal, his possible motives, and what it all means for local politics.

  • Violence and fighting it

  • Mayoral bits

    • New Tom Knox ad focuses on his outsider status (and simultaneously his experience under Rendell, heh).

    • Johnny Doc offers his takes on the mayoral race and the candidates. Mostly coffee chat.

    • Strangely, the Great Expectations project invites voters to bet on the mayoral race, I guess hoping to get a TradeSports-style prediction for the outcome.

  • Other news

    • State legislators talking seriously about the values of a state consitutional convention; the last one was held in 1967, which made many structural changes to how PA government is organized. Unclear what the breadth or make-up of a new convention might be.

    • Rick Santorum refuses to say die; says he will challenge Specter in the primary in 2010. He figures the anti-Republican sentiment related to Iraq will be well behind us by then. (Guess he's not rooting for McCain.) Toomey's in, and presumably other frothers will follow.

      Update: or, I might just have been duped by an April Fool's joke. sigh.

    • NJ Gov. Corzine officially backing Clinton in 2008 -- I have no idea how significant that endorsement might be. Also in this article, NJ will move its presidential primary from June to early February,

    • Fumo's corruption trial scheduled for next February. Guess that's enough time to build a defense! (and pile on top of Presidential coverage...)

    • YPP wants your ideas on education and on the realism of proposals made by various candidates for fixing the city schools.


Blogger t said...

bradys new ad is great.

given the seriousness of phillys crime problem its great to know theres a candidate out there whos worthy of lynne abrahams endorsement.

def got my vote.

if he gets 66% of the vote on election day the way he did at the afl/cio, well be calling him mayor.

3:50 PM  
Blogger ted said...

i cnat believe anyone could conscientiously push for an end to campaign donation limits and still try to play themselves off as a reformer.

fattah is threattening to turn philly elections into an auction.

knox is not too different considering the way hes financed his campaign.

if theres one thing philly doesnt need its cycnicism.

pretty shameful stuff.

BRADY is the only candidate with any proven record of supporting working philadelphia.

all thats left is for the local papers to start calling the race like it is - brady's.

3:58 PM  
Blogger ACM said...

I get the feeling that these two comments are from the same person, and yet he appears not to know that Brady also argues for an end to donation limits -- and even that his supporters tried to roll back the limits in place for this very election...

4:01 PM  
Blogger Rep. Mark B. Cohen said...

The "news" of Santorum's challenge to Specter is an April fool's joke; it is not real. Santorum and Specter are friends who campaigned for each other in their most campaigns, and there is no way that Santorum will oppose Specter in 2010. If Santorum is ever to make a comeback bid, he will need and want as much support as he can get from Specter and his allies.

5:39 PM  

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