Friday, April 06, 2007

Thursday roundup II: Oops

Wouldn't want you to think you missed anything juicy...
  • Philly for Change has announced its City Council endorsements (with high degree of overlap with NN).

  • The DN poll that measured the mayoral race also looked at voter priorities for the city, with worries about crime topping the list.

  • The PA House GOP is countering Rendell's education proposal with a plan of their own that spreads funds more evenly among school districts. 'Caus lord knows the wealthy districts are being overlooked. There are other points of disagreement about spending priorities.

  • In the same vein, State Sen. Jeffrey E. Piccola writes a stern column advising the city that we shouldn't expect to undo the changes of recent years and still keep the state funding flow coming.

  • Rendell brings the US Transportation Secretary to help push his lease-the-turnpike plan.

  • For those of you following this story: Castille releases letter assailing critic of Pa. court -- leaden ear of the year award goes to his continued threats of possible disciplinary action against a lawyer who criticized handling of the judicial pay hike.

  • More good press for the Philadelphia police department: they beat up a guy filming a difficult arrest/altercation, and he turned out to be a National Guardsman due to ship out this fall. (Not that it should matter if he was the local creep: he can run his camera if he wants.)

  • A new report looks at the devastating effect of predatory lending in Philadelphia.

  • From the Department of Surely You Jest: Mumia to have another day in court in mid-May. 25 years and still fighting over technicalities. I feel like this is a piece of Philadelphia arcana I'll never fully understand (the facts and the obsession)...

  • Finally, AAJane looks at one of the challengers for Bucks County commissioner who has received Democratic Party backing.


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