Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday roundup I: Things mayoral

At first I thought there was No News today, but then I discovered its the Day of Knox (I guess due to the new poll). Make of it what you will...

  • Stu Bykofsky gives us a glimpse of Knox mealtime meet-and-greet events and says he appears to be connecting with a variety of voters.

  • John Baer also thinks that Knox might have the cindarella campaign of the year, although crediting a number of fortuitous developments among his rivals.

  • Another DN piece looks at attacks on Knox's past involvement with payday lending, organized by a group that claims independence. cough.

  • The CityPaper also has a piece on Knox, looking at how his campaign has developed from his entry as an unknown outsider, and weighing his pros and cons.

  • New keystone poll shows Brady creeping up after his advertising outlay, and Fattah (not yet on TV) slipping behind Tom Knox for the first time. Still, the pack is pretty close, with "undecided" a frontrunner... [and I still speculate that a lot of people don't really tune in until the last two weeks, so even the decideds are probably really soft.]

  • Technical oddity: we get to analyze Fattah's campaign fiances a month before any other candidates will disclose their fundraising and spending. Apparently somebody over there misread the filing date. Anyway, not the thunder one might have thought, although respectable enough.

  • A look at Bob Brady's ideas on crime prevention. Focusing on parole/probabation officers seems great, but politicizing them by shifting their control from courts to mayor strikes me oddly. And, um, GPS tracking bracelets?? A chewier piece on the proposal is here.

  • A CityPaper opinion piece argues that the arts are important in the mayoral race and for the city.

  • The Metro looks at the candidates efforts to plant trees -- specifically, to promise more trees than do their competitors, as proof of their environmentalism.

  • Ray Murhpy talks more about why he backs Fattah, even though he disagrees with his boss on the campaign finance limits issue.


Blogger Rep. Mark B. Cohen said...

A multimillionaire as Cinderella? That's an insult to children everywhere. It's like her prince met Cinderella while negotiating to buy her family's much larger castle.

Baer ought to be reading up on his fairytales before he publishes crap like this.

But if he cast George Bush as one of the 7 Dwarfs, I would not complain.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know Rep. - I like to think of Knox being swept off his feet by his Prince Charming.

It humanizes him somewhat. Here's a candidate that has refused to attend any lgbt events and unlike any other Mayoral candidate - hasn't responded to requests for his positions on issues that effect the lgbt community.

Leaves one thinking he may have issues - but - if he's OK with the Cinderella allusions - maybe he's just been to busy. At least busier than all the other candidates who made the time.

8:30 AM  

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