Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday deluge I: Politicians

Way too many tabs today, so will do them in batches...
  • The Inquirer looks at Chaka Fattah's plan for the airport, which involves leasing it out to raise a capital endowment for an extensive poverty-reduction push. They note that there is no similar successful plan in the US, and also list the hurtles that the proposal would face (from Congressional approval to local union support). (Less discussed is how Fattah would reconfigure his ambitious plans in the absence of airport funds...)

  • Another Inquirer piece highlights Jim Kenney's 311 system plan, designed to make government services to the public more effective and accountable. He's writing up his proposal to be ready for the next mayor's perusal on Day 1. This general plan has also been mentioned by some of the newer Council candidates, so perhaps there's a way to find a critical mass to make government work better...

  • Michael Nutter has stepped down as head of the Convention Center Authority to focus on the last four weeks of the mayoral race.

  • The Daily News looks at a recent Dwight Evans TV ad, complaining that he's using outdated crime statistics to bolster his claim that his part of town is the only one escaping this year's rise in homicides. (Things were better the previous year...)

  • The CityPaper offers a look at Maria Quinones-Sanchez, candidate for the 7th District seat in City Council, and at her campaign. [They also note that the Councilfolk elected this year will be involved in redrawing of districts in 2010 -- all the more reason to choose carefully!]

  • A Tom Knox volunteer got into a spat with the shark-suit guy who's been haunting Knox campaign stops.

  • The Political Notebook argues that Dwight Evans is the most qualified of this year's mayoral candidates, though it seems not to be enough to get him support.

  • AAJane got to hear the Superior Court candidates all at once and gives some background and impressions for each. A valuable resource in information-scant races!

  • The Metro notes that Philadelphia's mayoral candidates all support expanded use of Philly CarShare by the city's fleet.

  • Sense of deja vu: North Philly Ward Leader jailed for driving without a valid license (it was suspended some time back).

  • Not about a specific candidate, but relevant: the significance of endorsements to campaigns at various levels, and how the candidates go about getting them.
Update: the DN is sponsoring a forum of Common Pleas candidates next Friday -- a rare chance to unpack this crowded field for yourself.


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